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Does anyone know who composed the first and third part of the trailer music for Head in the clouds.
I am pretty sure it is NOT from Robert Etoll (suggested by Soundtrack.net)
Beautiful pieces of music !
According to SoundtrackNet two of Robert Etoll's cues are used in the trailer: 'Ascent on K2' and 'The Road of Honor'.

You can listen to samples of both tracks at Robert Etoll's website.

I must admit that there is some similarity, but it is very hard to judge from the short clips available.

What is significant is that Head in the Clouds is not included in the list of trailers and TV spots for which Robert Etoll claims credit.

What I can tell you (even though you didn't ask!) is that the middle track is a composition by Django Reinhardt, the famous gypsy jazz musician, entitled 'Blue Drag'.

Reinhardt is portrayed in the movie by JOHN JORGENSON and his version of 'Blue Drag' is available on his album, Franco-American Swing.

Listen to an extract here (Track 14).
thanks sophist
I have the mp3 of etoll's " Road of honor" and it definitely is not his (apart from the fact that " Heads" does not appear in their credits.
So that's why i am pretty sure it is NOT Etolls
Anyway, i have dropped the question at some places, including Soundtracknet.
any further suggestions are welcome !
thanks again
Just got confirmation from Robert etoll that it is not his................
i have send robert etoll's mail, in which he denies being the composer of the trailer music, to Soundtracknet and it took a while but now they removed head in the clouds from their trailer music database....
Unfortunately still without a clue what music is used............
First part of the trailer music is now identified as " Greystoke" by John Scott
in a lot of forums I'll be trying to find where belongs the last part of the music listened in the trailer from this charlize theron and penelope cruz movie HEAD IN THE CLOUDS the score you can hear in the trailer is really beautiful. First theme listened is from greystoke, after that there is a tango, and at the end there is a beautiful and fantastic mysterious music where does it belong please? I'm getting crazy if I can't find it please someone help me
Esp. for Rafeta, Sophist, Michelle

Finally found what the last part of the trailer music is !
Terry Frewer, composer of the score for Head in the clouds, just confirmed to me that the music is his and its from the movie itself.
Bad luck there is no score release (regular or promo)

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So, to keep it straight. All songs from the trailer have been identified:

First: "Greystoke" by John Scott
Second: "Blue Drag" by Django Reinhardt
Third: Terry Frewer, from Head In the Clouds score