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Does anyone know what the song is under the current HBO Promo that runs between programs? It has the lyrics..."ride it on you".... and ...."satisfy me".
It's a great song that I absolutely cannot find.
Thanks very much.
I also was drawn to that tune and finally found it - the song is titled "Tuning In" and it's done by Groove Armada on the Lovebox album. I found it on iTunes.
You can find an audio sample of that song here, track 8. Also available from .
HBO's new long promo features a song with the easy-to-remember chorus of "Tuning in on you, right in on you, right in on you." It's a melange of all the original series running this season, Carnivale, Deadwood, Usncripted; as well as films like The Matrix Revolutions, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Man on Fire, Taking Lives etc. The caption reads " Go Between the lines". I've already checked the archives and found nothing, so if anyone has the answer, that'd be great.
Thanks -
No - checked it out and there's a song called "Love Somebody" but that's the only similarity. But thanks for the offering :)
I posted a similar inquiry in February to no avail. I contacted HBO and found out the song you're looking for is "Tuning In" by The Groove Armada. Be careful there are two version by Groove Armada. You want the earlier one. Not the dub version. You can get it on iTunes for 99 cents.
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