HBO "This is the time of my life..."


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Just about a week or so ago I saw what seemed to be the latest HBO promotional commercial. It had a smooth song, like Coldplay style almost. I think i heard the words "Time" in there a few times... Sorry its soo vauge of a description. I would really like the song name!
Thanks Alot!
Yea, it shows alot of cuts from like Bruce almighty, X2 and the Matrix Reloaded... Its not the "c'mon c'mon" commercial... but its almost the same thing. If i can remember more i will post.
Originally posted by justademigod2000@Jun 15 2004, 09:52 PM
It's "Time of our lives" by Paul Van Dyk.
You can find an audio sample of the song here, track 2.
Cinemax promo

This is driving me nuts. Does anyone know the song played during the promo for Cinemax? In the song it says..."these are the times of our lives". It is showing various clips from up coming movies and so forth. :blink:
Paul Van Dyk f/Vega 4 - "Time Of Our Lives"?
Does anyone know the song in the new commercial for HBO/Cinemax... It may be an On Demand commercial. Anyway, the lyrics are something like "Time to live, Time to die" "this is the time of my life."

Anyone know the title and artist of the new HBO promo song with the lyrics "this is the time of my life..."

It's not Green Day (Good Riddance/Time of Your Life) or Paul Anka!

Sounds like it could be from the 80s.

What's happening in the ad? Which shows are they promoting, etc.
Okay I am horrible at describing this, but there is a new HBO commercial that has instrumental music with a really strong beat, definitely funky. I believe it advertises HBO series like Bob Costas' show and that Family Bonds show. It is not for the Sopranos and Six Feet Under and all that.

There is also a new commercial that advertises upcoming movies on HBO, such as Master and COmmander, the Last Samurai, etc. I think the music went with the other commercial, but I am not positive. Sorry to be so vague, I will pay bettr attention next time. ANy help would be appreciated.
I heard the second commercial you were talking about...

A male singer keeps repeating the lyrics, "This is the time of our lives"

I would love to know who sings it.
if your talking about the same commercial im thinking of it is by Jem and its either come closer or 24 hope one of those is the right one. If not goodluck finding the correct one :)
That must be a different commercial. However, I did find the song I was looking for.

It's by Paul Van Dyk, Time Of Our Lives

Thanks though!
i was wondering, for those of you who have seen the hbo on demand commercials, there's this one particular commercial where they're advertising the new movies on hbo and i wanted to know what was the music behind it. parts of the song go "time to live, time to die" and then "oh, this is the time of my life". if anyone knows that would be really helpful. thanks!
Rcently i've been hearing this song on HBO or Cinemax on demand channels, the guy just keeps on saying one line "until the time,...of our life" its got a mellow trance/dance beat to it. Anyone know?