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Its been awhile since I seen the episode I was curious about so my details might not be correct. The episode inwhich the song I am looking for was with the nudist camp where they have a nude weekend every year. It was kinda techno/rock and had some sort of lyric that said Taste of honey. Any help would be great.
could even begin to guess as to when you last saw the episode in question?
I am pretty sure its in either Real Sex 24, 25, or 26.
Lemme dig a bit, I can ususally find stuff when it's for a cable show, but for some reason not when it's broadcast.. lol
I was just watching HBO's Real Sex off of TiVo and there's this cool song that's driving me crazy. I've never heard anything quite like it; it's this cool, dreamy, haunting, na-NA----na-na-NA-na. The na-na's start strictly instrumental but it blends in with a woman's voice. There's no lyrics; it's just the the repeated na-NA---na-na-NA-na's. At least the part they play on the show is just the na's.

The exact episode title is: Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia: Going Down in the Valley

They play it during the Adult Video News Awards bit and again during the credits.

I've double checked the credits, scoured the Real Sex pages, and searched Ad Tunes with no hits.

Please help.

The "Real Sex" series uses the song "Patricia" by Perez Prado as the theme song. It's played at the beginning and end. The song is nearly 50 years old. Is that the song you're referring to? If not, you can try the bulletin boards at
Thanks but no, this is different than the Real Sex theme music.

It's only during the one story and they repeat it again during the outgoing credits. Even though it's during the outro it's not the normal theme. Maybe because it's Real Sex Xtra?

I think this is too contemporary to be Perez Prado but it's possible. I'll invetigate his other tunes.

I'll also investigate the forums on

Thanks for the help!
Your description doesn't give much to work with so this is a stab in the dark, but try Henry Mancini's "Lujon"
Real Sex HBO

so last night my friend were watching real sex episode 24 cause we were bored and decided to flip on hbo on demand and at the last segment there is this one song i cant get out of my head it played when they first introduced the "sploshing" segment and the lyrics were something like; "every time i look around, everytime i look around, i see you baby" or something along those lines so if anyone knows what im talking about that would be wonder ful thanksss
HBO Real Sex #33: Stocks up, sex up HELP

im looking for a song that was played during the stripper scene of this

it sounded like a dance song, girls singing and the chorus said "and it's alright"

does anyone have a clue of what song it was??!!!
Sorry for reviving this old thread.

I'm looking for a song from Real Sex Episode 12 during the beginning of the Detroit Black Strip Club.

The episode is still available on-demand on Cox cable, as well as HBO Go for people that wanna take a chance at it.