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Can someone please help my poor husband before he drives himself crazy (and me too?)

There was a HBO East commercial on earlier (between movies), the type of commercial that shows a bunch of movie clips set to music. The song was one he recognized (I didn't), and he has no idea how old it is. The chorus is something along the lines of "I'm so in love with you"...and it sounds kinda eerie, new age-y, and the singer is male.

Anyone know? TIA!
Well, we just figured out the song is "You showed me" by the Turtles, but that's the original version. The version we heard is a remake...
It is indeed the Lightning Seeds' cover of "You Showed Me." You can watch the video on Yahoo! Launch.
It was a commercial between Charlies Angels 2 and The Making of Charlies Angels 2 featuring the different shows on HBO. It is a man singing something like "you make me do exactly what you do... you make me say exactly what you say." Its very relaxed, almost lounge music. In the background it sounds like backup singers are singing "ah ahhh." It's been driving me insane and I know I've heard this song in plenty of movies before. Thanks!
I've been looking for it, too! Here are the full lyrics:

You showed me how to do
Exactly what you do
How I fell in love with you
Oh, oh, oh, it's true
Oh, oh, I love you

You showed me how to say
Exactly what you say
In that very special way
Oh, oh, oh, it's true
You fell for me, too

Any ideas?

Actually, now that I heard it again, it appears to be the cover of The Turtles' song that Lightning Seeds did, which you can get here.


It is also on the soundtrack from Austin Powers International Man of Mystery...

Heard a catchy tune this weekend while surfing On Demand for movies (not sure if it was hbo, showtime, cinemax, etc). Unfortunately, all that i remember is that it is a song i have heard before (perhaps an old standard), that has been redone in a modern style. I believe it is a woman.

I have checked threads and know that it is not "Times Like This" by Lit, or "Straight Ahead".

Hope someone out there can help.

ok, just had a flash of part of the song, goes something like" you do...exactly what you do...i fell in love with you".. or something like that.

The words rang dusty bells and a tune came to mind.I managed to track it down and the original is "You showed me" by the Turtles.The link is to the CD Universe page where you can listen to it.It also lists Salt n' Pepa doing it and halfway through the sample they stop rapping and one starts singing it...Hope this helps!
just found it...the version on the commercial is by The Lightning Seeds. Thanks so much!..
does anybody know that song that plays during the most recent HBO promo ?? it has a montage of the shows and the new movies they're going to be playing. I caught a few lyrics, it's something like "show me how you do exactly what you do" it's something along those lines. If anyone could help me out on that one it would be great.
I was looking for the same song and can't seem to find it either. :(
Whats the song that plays for the newest HBO commercial showing that they're gonna play The Last Samauri, Cheaper by the Dozen, and other new movies out. Its kinda like a love song I think. It sounds older, but who knows.