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I scrolled through the entire list of posts but I didn't see this one mentioned. Anyone know the song in this commercial?
anymore info on the ad? what happens in the ad, description of music, ( was the singer male? female or was it instrumental?) channel, time etc...
Originally posted by cultclassic@Jul 12 2004, 08:12 PM
anymore info on the ad? what happens in the ad, description of music, ( was the singer male? female or was it instrumental?) channel, time etc...
I haven't seen the ad for a few weeks (as a matter of fact, the new ad has a girl stuffing straws in her mouth instead of a guy...different music though.)

Anyway, a scruffy-looking young man stands next to a table with a container of plastic drinking straws. He begins grabbing handfuls of the straws and shoving them into his mouth while a punk-ish soundtrack plays. The singer is male and the song has a driving beat, but I could never catch any of the words. The guy ends up with hundreds of straws sticking out of his mouth. He turns sideways and walks off-screen. Wish I could be of more help! I've seen it on many networks here in California.
I've seen both but don't know the music to either. By the way. In much of the U.S. Carls is called Hardees. In case they're running the same ads and someone can help. ;)
OK, I just saw this commercial again last night (at the end of Seinfeld on UPN)!

I tried to catch the lyrics, but it sounds like the singer is using a bullhorn or something to distort his voice. This is what I think I heard:

(garbled words) a fantasy
(something something something)
(techno sampling lead break)
you can fly around in the sky

If I happen to see this ad again, I'll Tivo it and see if I can figure out the lyrics a little better! In the meantime, does this seem familiar to anyone?
Here is the response I received from Carl's Jr. (at least they're trying!):

Dear Valued Guest:

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us.

In regard to your inquiry concerning our commercial, although this information is
not currently available, we have forwarded your comments to the appropriate Carl’s
Jr. representative for their review.

If additional information regarding the band and song becomes available, we will be
happy to provide it to you. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Please feel free to contact us again at any time.


Carl's Jr. Guest Response
On the Web at www.carlsjr.com
OK, searched around for this one on adtunes, but no one seems to have noticed this one, or maybe its a "everybody-knows-it-but-me" song!
Hardees ad, can be seen frequently on Fox at around 9, 10 Central time (around Friends) - sexy girl climbs a mock-horse (what are they called exactly? Those things that are supposed to mimic a wild horse/bull), eats a burger, THIS music playing in the background all the while. The Hardees voice-over guy goes "We could have shown you a cowboy eating a pound burger, but who would want to see that?"... or something to that effect.
Any clues?
the horse thing is called a "mechanical bull" ... :)

Can you describe the music? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals?
If it's the same music as in the Carl's Jr. commercial then it's "Slow Ride" by Foghat.

FYI, the name of the advertising company is Mendelsohn Zien.

mechanical bull, eh?
I like this world, you always learn something new everyday! ^_^
Thanks for the info...the word and the song too :)
ok in this commercial a guy is standing and filling his mouth with A LOT OF STRAWS and the guy goes "if you like big things you'll love our burger" or something and they show a burger, the song in it is really cool, does anyone know what i'mt alking about? thanks so much if you do.
Haven't seen it, but from the description ("big burgers"), it might be a Hardee's ad, though they generally don't feature songs - just a male monotone voice going "you must eat our huge burgers..blah..blah!"

Hmm... surely didn't help, did I?

it goes "you are my fantasy" sounds kinda like THE VINES/white stripes type song. it was JUST on, it's a HARDEES commercial
Ohh found it! if its the same as the HArdees commercial riding the mechanical bull, then its the one. Its by: Foghat and its called "slow ride" yay!