Hardee's Carl's Jr "I Love Paris"


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Hardee's Carl's Jr "I Love Paris"

anyone know the song in the hardee's ad i love paris?? i love it! thanks its called i love paris
Sorry, I suck at using the Search. I never find posts with the keyword, even when they're on the first page! I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

Well, anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew the song that was played in the new Carls Jr commercial, the one with the blond model in skanky clothes rubbing herself as she washes a car and eats a giant burger. I think the lyrics are along the lines of "I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles..." I'm familiar with the song, but not with that particular version. Can anyone merge topics if this has already been answered, or if not, can someone answer?
NEVER MIND Found it through algorithmic searching of the posts. Sorry!