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-Guinness's ad campaign, with the surfers, horses, etc., was monumental, yes?
-Amazing advert, yes?
-Outstanding music, yes?
-Most definitely!! Leftfield's "Phat Planet" is a wikid track.
-So we're agreed that it was wikid, in general, yes?
-Ya huh.

-Right. AFTER that, there was another one in the campaign. Y'remember?
-It was called "The Dream Club", yes?
-It featured some next man, bustin out, yes?
-Erm, yeah, I suppose so.
-It featured a jazzy number, with some abstraction over it, yes?
-The tune that was used in the advert, started off as a jazzy track, and then evolved into a contemporary dance piece, with nice breakz. Y'still with me?
-Good. Now, I know it was a version/remix/remake of "Summer Samba (So Nice)"
-Here we go...
-You quite finished, yet?
-Oh great (unenthusiastically)

If anyone knows the answr to this guy's questions, or has the cure to his ailment, please do not hesitate to help him... PLEASE!!



I have absolutely no idea what you're even asking... And from the responses you've gotten, I imagine I'm not the only one who thinks this.

Rather than having a dialogue with someone, it's best to give a clear and precise description of what's happening in the ad you're looking for. Along with a clear and precise description of the music from that one commercial.
I dunno if its just that I'm kinda freaky, or that I have natural affinity for multiple personalities, but I get what's going on here... Sadly, we don't get clever beer ads here in canada, other than the "I am Canadian" and "Sasquatch Hunters" from Molson. Guiness is apparently to classy for us. Have you tried searching Lyrics sites looking for alternate versions of the piece? Or is it instrumental?
K11 - I understand you too. Deeply worrying!!

You can view the commercial online here.

The version of 'So Nice (Summer Samba)' used in the ad was produced by SOUNDTREE MUSIC.

However, unless I really am losing my mind, it doesn't morph into a dance track.

Are you perhaps thinking of the version by LALO SCHIFRIN?
Hey, cheers.

I'm glad you understand...

The problem is... The version on the internet (you drew attention to), is NOT the full version of the advertisement. Sadly, I can't find it anywhere. It's the FULL version that evolves into the "dance piece with nice breakz". I THINK I MAY have the Lalo Schifrin one: the one I own is about 1min long, and features but an electric organ and a synthesized cabasa... So, I don't think THAT'S the one... BUT, if you know where I can find other version (or more importantly, the one I'm looking for) then feel free to tell us, and we will be very appreciative...

In the meantime, here's some stuff for y'all...

"Transformer" car advert ---> Les Rythmes Digitales "Jaques (Make Your Body Sweat)"

Sony MD ---> Curve "Chinese Burn", Lionrock "Rude Boy Rock"...


Golf GTi (Singing In The Rain) ---> Gene Kelly "Singin' In The Rain [Mint Royale Remix]" to be released in April 2005...

I know what I'M waitng for...


Hello, I'm back, and so is my query.

I cannot find that tune to the "Dream Club" advert for Guinness.

Can anyone help me with this?
Also, I'm looking for the FULL-LENGTH version of the advert.

Iconic differences between the full one and the other one, is that in the full one, there is a particularly long dramatic shot of "The Champion" standing, somnambulant (Rather in the state between consciousness, and sleep) in the dream street, and he's the only one in the shot. ALSO, there is silence... this shot goes on for longer than you'd expect...

ALSO, in this version, the piano piece - whilst everyone is running - has quite clearly been sampled, and is running on a 1beat loop for a while, and then decays... THEN, a new set of 'beats' come in - beats that would be often associated with Dance music - and the piano sample returns in full over the new 'beats'.

The rest of the advert continues on as normal, and the Dance beat is still present as the advertisement ends.

If you can find this version of the advert anywhere, and could notify me of where, I'd be in high levels of appreciation... Also, the same can be applied to the tune, as well: if you can find me a passport to a prize so great, I would be very, very, very, happy...

Thank you, and goodnight...

Here are the following version I have got...

Astrud Gilberto - Summer Samba (So Nice)
Bebel Gilberto - Summer Samba (So Nice)
Bebel Gilberto - Summer Samba (So Nice) [DJ Marky and XRS Remix]
Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba
__________________________ ____________________________________
Lalo Schifrin - Summer Samba ¦¦ As featured on "Essential Millenium: Disc 2"
__________________________ ____________________________________

I cannot find the "Soundtree Music" version someone mentioned to me, earlier...
And the aforementioned "Lalo Schifrin" version appears to be exactly the same as the Walter Wanderley version, but shorter... a LOT shorter... , so technically, I can't find the Lalo Schifrin version...

Additionally, there is a site that says that the Lalo Schifrin version is a cover version, or that the version used in the advert is a cover version of the Lalo Schifrin versoin... So many versions!! Arrghh!!

Anyway, your help would be much appreciated: and seeing as how you've always been so successful in the past, I hope such success is consistent...

Thank you, and good morning...
Do not start a new topic on a question you've already asked. Duplicate threads now merged.
K11, I've managed to track down the other version of the ad with the dance beat!

Go to (the website of the production company), click on Commercials and under Directors, select Jonathan Glazer.
Apologies for the reiterating of a 'thread', but I couldn't find mine, AND it was a
updated version of my problem...

Also - as you are about to read, no doubt - I'm VERY VERY happy that I did so...

OH wow...

I was left saying "Oh wow!"

I watched it... Smiled... Laughed... Would've cried...

It's been SO LONG since I've seen that advert, and now I can watch it whever I want...

I celebrated the fact that the full version was available, for all to see, with instances of profanity... I was so overjoyed... Thank you, ever so much for showing me where I could get that... I really do appreciate the effort you went through to get that to me... Honestly, If I knew you out in "the real world", I would shower you with affection...

Now, imagine how happy I'd be if someone showed me where I could get the track on CD...
or perhaps even told me what is was... for definite...
This is still out there, huh?

It is worth it, a damned funny ad indeed. And with, as you said, nice "beatz".
So has no-one found it yet, then?