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a friend of mine just introduced me to the album 'Lounge against the machine.' It's the most funniest and clever thing i ever heard. A bunch of great rock music is sung in a lounge singing style and it's funny as hell. I especially like their version of 'come out and play' by offspring. You all should listen to it. :p
Here is a link to their album so you can see what they remake and listen to some of the songs.
That has to be the guy from Carson Daly's show...because they always do the lounge thing with popular songs.
That reminds me of Dynamite Hack redoing "Boyz In The Hood".. which by the way should be on my top 5 covers that are better than the originals.
Has anyone ever heard of the Swinging Mooks? They're a local band out here that do basically the same thing.. except they turn the songs into neo swing music. Totally rad.. I haven't heard from them in years though..
And Lost Boy.. don't you hate Carson Daly?
Why do you think I hate Carson Daly? I don't like him at all, but wouldn't say I hate him.
Because I told you one time that Carson Daly was on in the background, and you said "That guy's a cock" or something to that effect.. so I took it to mean that you didn't like the fella very much.
According to several SNL skits he's a "Massive Tool." :lol:
I miss SNL.. :(
Actually I think it's coming on in an hour, maybe I can stay up long enough!! But I miss Will Ferrell :(
massive tool, haha, that's how i would describe him :rolleyes:
Originally posted by The Lost Boy@Mar 27 2004, 11:04 PM
Carson Daly is the freakin' head sheep. He is a complete douche bag.
Meh, No reason to hate Carson Daly as far as I'm concerned, or even dislike him really. He's actually pretty self-aware, which is reason enough to tolerate most people who, you know, don't kill things, or whatever.

Anyway. He was a disc-jockey who made friends, coulda happened to anyone, and he certainly isn't pretending to be anything he's not. He doesn't even endorse the image that MTV attempted to put on his shoulders. People who associate with him, even in the cable news industry, like the man, he obviously has some redeeming qualities.
The guy is a phony.
-He changes his personality depending upon whom he interviews.
-He never admits to disliking any type of music.
-He has had the same hair style for 15 years.
Originally posted by The Lost Boy@Mar 28 2004, 01:34 AM
The guy is a phony.
-He changes his personality depending upon whom he interviews.
-He never admits to disliking any type of music.
-He has had the same hair style for 15 years.
No he isn't
-I, and half the world, particularly those of us with public/performing arts backgrounds, act with sometimes alarming difference towards both individual and groups of people. Lord knows I take a different tone with a revered teacher than with a peer. It all depends on how he sees his relationship with the person being interviewed. Also, he is in such a position that he should make effort to acclimate himself to anyone he's interviewing. This isn't hardball, he's just helping them promote work and talking about what's going on in their world.
-See my most recent post in the CD burning thread. You can certainly get to that point, and I'd imagine with his background in the music industry, that he most likely has.
-No accounting for taste.
I love your icon. Everytime I see it I find myself saying in my head, "weeeeeeee weeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeee!"
it makes me dizzy! but, you just can't ignore it can you? i mean, i know if i look at it, i'll go cross-eyed... but it's just so damn fun to watch! :lol: :wacko:
I apply the mens urinal rule to that thing. Look straight ahead and avoid eye contact. :p