Looking to expand my musical horizons ...


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I'm looking to expand my musical horizons ... and I have gotten several GREAT leads from you good folks of the AdTunes forums ... Thanks! Big props!

Anyhoo ... my newest quest ...

Indian Bollywood-style music - heavy on the music, notsomuch the singing - perhaps of a club/dance/trance/techno flavor ...

Any ideas/suggestions?

Go to b21online.com to check out their sound. Also, they do a song on the Bend it Like Beckham soundtrack called Darshan, which is my favorite of theirs.

That snippet at b21online.com is off the hook! I could totally see, like, a rapper coppin' that sound and laying down some awesome rhymes!

I did a search for B21 at Amazon - nothing specific for them listed but there were a few suggested albums having to do with "Bhangra" music.

Thank you!

Any other ideas/suggestions ... anyone?
I did listen to the B21 song on the Beckham sdtk. - that was cool too!

Thank you!

I can suggest you some good indian music.

Here are some random songs which i like :

Artist - Song Title

Bombay Rockers - Rock the party
Bombay Rockers - Ari ari
Punjabi MC - Backstabbers
Punjabi MC - Mundiyan to bachke rahi
Raghav - Cant get enough
Bombay vikings - kya surat hai
Bombay vikings - aa raha hoon main
Shaan - tanha dil
Lucky ali - tere mere saath
Lucky ali - tu kaun hai
Lucky ali - ek pal ka jeena

Movie - Song title
Dus - Dus bahane
Dus - Deedar de
Zehar - Woh lamhe (remix)
Lets Dance - Dhol wajda
Yuva - Fanaa
Dhoom - Dhoom (also a version sung by tata young)

At the moment i cant think of more, but let me know if you like them so i will suggest more.
Just got done checking out several music leads mentioned here ...

Seren8 -

Dalar Mehndi ... eh ... didn't really rock my boat ...

Punjab2000 website ... freakin' awesome!!!
-DJ Chino's Regulators - Indian/English rap/hiphop ... got quite a kick out of the song "Mundian Kolon Bach" - listen here - it uses the music from 50 Cent's "In Da Club"!
-J12 - CD: Born to Nach - again Indian/English rap/hiphop ... really liked tracks 1 & 6 - listen here.

Desitunes4u website ... pretty cool too!! I listened to a smattering of song samples there ...

Vocal -

I tried searching for Bombay Rockers, especially for the songs you mentioned ... didn't have much luck ... however, in searching for Bombay Rockers, I came across an album called Bombay Beats (Water Music) ... freakin' awesome!!! This is more along the lines of what I'm looking for ... Eastern/Western fusion but heavier on the Eastern and relatively light on the singing ... so, in a roundabout way, thank you!!!

Panjabi MC - I was already familiar with him ...

Bombay Vikings - couldn't really find anything ...

Shaan - again, couldn't really find anything ...

Lucky Ali - interesting! To me, it sounded like western pop-rock tinged with Indian flourishes but sung in a different language ...

All of the movies you mentioned - ugh, again, couldn't really find anything ...


On my own, through various searches and whatnot, I found the following that may or may not be of interest ...

DJ Sheb i Sabbah - CD: Maha Maya: Shri Durga remixed
Black Star Liner
State of Bengal - CD: Audio Visual
CD: Asian Massive: A Six Degrees Collection
Karsh Kale - CD: Liberation; CD: Redesign: Realize remixed
MIDIval PunditZ
Tabla Beat Science - CD: Tala Matrix
Talvin Singh
CD: Spirit of India: A Pure Selection of Electronic Vibes
CD: Karma Collection
Badmarsh & Shri


I'm still looking for more uptempo/upbeat/pounding/pulsating dance/techno Indian Bollywood-style music though ...
It seems a lot of what I was coming across was more relaxing/chillin' out/lounge music.

Anyone else have any ideas/suggestions?
Yes, I have several of those you just mentioned, but some are new to me. And if this is the same Bombay Rockers I'm thinking of here

Vocal mentioned a couple that were new to me.
Lucky Ali - interesting! To me, it sounded like western pop-rock tinged with Indian flourishes but sung in a different language ...

He sings in Hindi.

Hmm, but if you cant find what i suggested above then u will prolly wont find anything i suggest.

Since im from India, i get all those stuff easily in my local store or online store.


this is the official site of Bombay rockers

Also, where exactly you are searching the music ? amazon/itunes/or ?

I look for songs basically at amazon, barnes&noble, google searches, and a few other places ...

Also, I tried going to the Bombay Rockers' website you provided ... I guess I don't have whatever necessary plugin is required to listen to the song samples though ...