Grand Theft Auto 3


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I cannot find out what the music is during the end credits of GTA3. Is there anyone that can help?
This song is in the opening of GTA 3, when the first images pop across the screen in the title phase. It's very jazzy, if anyone could help I would appreciate it.


Does anyone know the name of the song from GTA 3, its like opera and its played on the radio in the game. If anyone knows the answer i would appreciate a response. Thanks
Well this may be a little late but I'm trying to find this song from grand theft auto3 and the song comes on the head radio station from the game and it's called "she's gonna fade away"I guess but if anyone knows please let me know, if you know anything about this :)
Well GTAIII actually has its on music, the songs aren't real or original. If you have a program to download music you can try to type in GTA 3 or w/e. I've downloaded song from GTAIII myself.
Um... no

The music for GTA3 comes from solo artists who weren't successful in making their songs super popular. Look at the back of the manual and you'll be able to find who wrote the song. I think I know which song you mean but I need a little more info.

Hope that helped.
I just thought that I would look back for posts I made a year ago, to see how much I've changed and crap; And the closest I got to Oct 22 was this thread...I can't believe this fool hasn't responded yet.
Yeah, I hate when you help somebody out, and the asshole doesn't even acknowledge you. It makes you feel so unappreciated.
I know, seriously. If you help somebody out, you at least deserve a "thank you" for your efforts.
I know the feeling, this guy scremed and yelled for this Encore theme song, its been over a moth and no thank you...
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the GTA III Inrtro. The very beginnig cresdits that plays the piano...i did all i could to find this song