Goodyear Assurance song


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Does anyone know that song on the new Goodyear Assurance commercial? you can watch here at "" . Its a sort of army-style jingle but I can't find information anywhere. Any info would be cool - thanks!
No its definitely not that... did you go to the link? that song is nothing like the commercial... but thanks for the effort anyway :) anyone else find anything?
I'm not able to get that link to open no matter how I try to get there. :unsure:
Here, Try this page its the assurance page the song it immediately plays is the one but also its pretty easy to navigate to the actual commercial
Not sure why but it just won't open for me. Even if I enter the URL myself or google the site. I mean I get to the site but I can't listen to the ad or song or whatever. :(
Anybody else?
hmm... ok ill look for it elsewhere from their website... keep an eye out for it on TV though even though its rare. thanks :)
couldn't find it anywhere... its weird been seeing it on TV more though lately im sure someone else has and has wondered about it... cool commercial by the way its got this dude driving through a lot of harsh conditions beyond the ones found on earth its tight
I know what it is: an original piece composed specifically for the commericial.

I know who it's by: Mark Mancina (composed the TWISTER and SPEED soundtracks).

I just don't know where to get it.

For heaven's sake, if anyone finds out, let me know!
Finally a new post on this! Damn that sucks original music usually cannot be found anywhere for purchase or anything like that. If this is an exception let me know though