GMC commercial


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I've seen this commercial a few times. It's been around for, I think, a few months. GMC might have even used this same music for a few of their commercials.

Well, the one I saw was as plain as they get...I think. Whenever this commercial comes on, I sort of zone out and just listen to the music and not even pay attention to the thing. An SUV is driving down a road. The music starts as just some pings, then a few seconds later violins come in. It really sounds amazing.

Sorry but that's all I can describe really. hah... I don't even have a TV in my dorm so I can't watch out for it, but next time I see it, I'll be sure to get some more details.
I think that the commercial is for a GMC Envoy SE or XE, but I too am trying to figure out what the song is.