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Anybody know the song used in the gm hot button ad? no vocals, but i know i've heard it before. The ad starts out in the nasa control center and the guy won't push the launch button.
I'm pretty sure it's a remix, and a better one at that, of "Push It" by Salt n' Pepa...old school.
I believe it's "Push It" by Salt N Pepa.

Can anyone confirm this?

[edit]: When my reading skills exceed those of a fourth grader, perhaps I'll learn to read the post above mine.
It sounds like techno/dance music, I didn't hear any lyrics during the song since it didn't last very long but it was the beginning of a familiar sounding song, it might have been popular years ago. It played at the end of the commercial announcing the "hot spot' contest where you press the button in the car and if it says you win, you win the car, and showed people celebrating before closing out. Any help?