1. P music

    anyone know if the piece on is original or from another artist? thanks!
  2. V


    What is the music from the GM commercial? It's on homepage right now.
  3. jsh9574

    GM "We All Fall Down"

    in the gm commercial "we all fall down" whats the music
  4. S

    GM SUV director

    I am looking for the title of the music used in a recent SUV ad. It shows a "movie director" overseeing the detailing of a car he is using in a photo shoot. Eventually, there is a single photo shot of the car parked on the far side of a pool overlooking the ocean at sunset. The director is...
  5. H

    GM General Motors Responsibility

    Just was wondering who the narrator is in the General Motors responsibility ad.
  6. I

    Music used at GM's press conference.

    It's very likely that this music was made just for the event, but I'm still checking just to be sure. Here is a video of the conference. If for some reason it sends you to a video with a guy at a podium, it's the wrong thing. Click on the picture with "General Motors News Conference" at the...
  7. A

    New GM commercial-retro/new compared

    :D Hi--saw new GM commercial airing during "Deal or No Deal" TV show. Showed retro GM cars, clothing styles, snapshots of lst man on moon, etc. The male singer recalls that back then (70's), there were bell bottoms, etc. There are visual comparisons of retro cars, then new GM models. I couldnt...
  8. P

    GM "Only GM"

    Hello Every one! It appears that GM has released several commercials under the title "only GM" that features a difference song in each commercial. I am looking for the artist or group that was featured in one of those GM commercial. The song has a hip hop beat and rapper(s) reciting rap...
  9. B

    GM hot button

    Anybody know the song used in the gm hot button ad? no vocals, but i know i've heard it before. The ad starts out in the nasa control center and the guy won't push the launch button.
  10. G


    PLEASE...someone help me. GM has a new ad campaign called "only GM". I know I know this song but I just can't come up with the title. Lil help?