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anyone know the song being sang by some artist whose playing the piano in the new gap ad? Its a nice slow song, Im too sleepy to remember the few lyrics he sang. I just remember him saying that was his favorite song and then he asks whats yours? The ad has alanis morrisete and other artists comparing jeans and songs.

Thanks in advance
Hey there,

I've seen several slightly varied ads for that 'favorite song' campaign. Piano...I'm thinking maybe John Legend. He does Hello It’s Me on that CD. If not, here is a site that lists all the songs released on that CD. (It's towards the bottom of the page.) ^_^

Btw, out of all those version I think I like Jason Mraz's 'One Love' the best. I listened to it out of interest for Joss Stone (I love her!), but I fell in love with 'One Love' again upon hearing it. :)

~ Mia ~
i believe it is John Legend and the song he plays on the commercial is "Ordinary People".
The song is Hello It's Me. It is also done by Todd Rundgren.
ryan613, is right. The believe the original is by Todd Rundgren and I guess that was John Legend's favorite song. ^_^ I actually like that John Legend version.

~ Mia~