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i work for the Gap, and they just showed me the new Sarah Jessica Parker Holiday TV Ad, and i figured that y'all would be wondering the music in the commercial sooner or later. i'm not sure if i got the latest version of the ad, but the version i saw had earth wind and fire's "shining star" blasting in the background. GREAT AD! be sure to catch it when it comes out.

(and for those who are wondering, yes, this is the second earth wind and fire song to be used for the gap. last fall, we had earth wind and fire's "september" in our ads right before madonna and missy elliot "got into the hollywood groove")
Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing it -- that's one of my favorite songs! :)

"Shining Star" by Earth Wind & Fire can be found on their "Greatest Hits album. Also available for download from .
CORRECTION: the ad debuted tonight and it is actually JC CHAVEZ singing earth wind and fire's "shining star."
AHHH! there's yet ANOTHER ad that i hadn't seen with mary j. blige singing the emotion's classic "best of my love." sorry for the lack of full information.
There appears to be THREE ads. All which you can watch on Gap's site here.

One: "Shining Star" performed by JC Chavez
Two: "Best of My Love" performed by Mary J. Blidge
Three: "That's The Way I Like It" performed by Kelis and Van Hunt
Hi everybody. You most likely remember one of the GAP commercials with Sarah-Jessica Parker, where there is a male vocalist wearing a hat and singing the funky song which contains the line "Shining stuff for you to see". Does ANYONE know who is this guy and what is the name of the song? I assume they changed the lyrics for the commercial. Thank you for replying.
yeah. it's jc from nsync covering (i think) earth, wind, and fire's "shining star."
I think it's a mix of jc and earth wind and fire.....Shining Star...great song though