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I find it fun and interesting to google terms such as "Tiananmen Square", "Democracy", and "Abusive Government" into

P.S. Google is a bunch of greedy shits for doing this :angry:
Yeah I don't get it, I just searched for Tiananmen Square and got several results.. are you saying censors the search results?
Are you meaning that they are greedy for keeping the search records or somesing? :confused:
Ahh that sucks.

Well.. maybe.. I mean yeah censorship fucking sucks but at least by doing this they're preventing a lot of Chinese from getting in trouble.. ?
Well China isn't one of the best countries to be a citizen of.
Well, you know Google could've said we don't support unreasonable censorship so FUCK YOU CHINA!
Then the chinese wouldn't have their precious google searching happy happy fun time go!!!!
*monitor spraying guffaw*

Google is a business like any other and I'm sure they're willing to accept whatever business the biggest (second biggest?) national population in the world was willing to give them.
Hmm...Well I think there shud be an episode of The Boondocks where Huey tries to bring down google because he thinks its racist.

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