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Does anyone know the song to that Full Metal Alchemist comercial for adult swim. Its like a classical or a remix of a classical song. I have a thought of what it might be but id like confirmation, cuz everytime i hear the song im thinking it might be, i blank out and forget what the other song was. If you know what the original song is, or who did the remix or whatever the song is they use for it. It would be much appreciated.
It's Tchaikovsky's Overture 1812. I'm not sure who does the remix played in the commercial.
Ya and i have the classical too :p, i was thinking it was another for some stupid reason. Well now just need to find the song that they use for the comercial. now that its been narrowed down alittle.
Maybe you did this already but I'll say it anyway: You should try emailing the people at Adult Swim :)
actually, you could probably find the answer on the adultswim.com forums. they are almost impossible to navigate because they are so busy, but i think they do have a section devoted to music from their bump cards and what not.
there's a new fullmetal alchemist commercial on adult swim and it has a song with a hip-hop beat to it with someone saying "if there's...one man who can help..." a few times
it might be in turner's library like alot of other songs on [as] but hopefully this one isnt
I have been wondering about this song for a while, it sounds like a remix or trance version of Bethoven's 9th Symphony Ode To Joy, It was on with Adult Swim's commercial for Full metal Alchemist a while back (First season). If anyone could help me find it I would be thankful.