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hey, i was wondering if anybody has see this fuji film commercial. the setting is in a parking lot and its raining. it was basically music played on the piano.
Is it the same ad described here? We never figured it out then either :) , so maybe someone will recognize it and have an answer this time around...
actually its the same commercial. just this time they used a different song. this one was only piano. the one back then had vocals
If this is the same commercial I'm thinking about. (In Canada, the music is a solo piano). The commercial are various scenes and they freeze frame them and grab a colour out of it and give the name of the colour and so on.

In any case, I contacted Fuji Canada's marketing dept. and they said that the piece was exclusive for the commercial, meaning it wasn't a commercial piece available for sale. The composer's name was H.Long (Unfortunately they didn't give me their first name).

Hope that helps!