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Caught part of a new ad today for Fruity Cheerios ...

To roughly describe it ... a mom has poured a bowl of the cereal and has poured in the milk ... somehow her kids shrink down in size as they jump into the bowl ... the kids are shown floating on their own Fruity Cheerio like an innertube raft ... Mom (who remained normal-sized) looks over the top of the Fruity Cheerio box and looks down at her kids with a smile ...

A gentle acoustic guitar tune played in the background ... male singer ... lyrics included "happiness runs" ...

Did some Googling ... figured out the tune ...

Donovan - "Happiness Runs"

There you go.
This song was also used in a Delta airlines ad not too long ago, which is how I found it.
anybody know who sings the fruity cheerios song -
kids are floating around on the multi-colored
cheerios like innertubes? thanks!
Thanks for the info. I was just about to lok for it online. Lo and behold found it within a sec here at adtunes. :D
Hello all. I just heard a really cool song on a Fruit Loops ad. It is something about "Happiness".
Just wondering if anyone knew what this was?!?
If I'm thinking of the correct ad ...

It's actually for Fruity Cheerios ...

Song is ...

Donovan - "Happiness Runs"

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
There's a newer version of that commercial with a different version of the same song. Donovan's "Happiness Runs" is really mellow and acoustic, while the newer one is more upbeat and rocky... no idea who that one's by, though.
It is a commercial where the ppl are riding fruit loop looking things but idk exactly what they are. I just remember a lil of the music. It starts with "happiness runs in a..." that's all I remember, except for the sound of it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
We have been tryna figure this alllll NIGHT!!! Help!!

TV commercial...

Song singing...

"Happines comes in the circle? of motion?, Happines comes in the 'circle of life?....."

Then goes on the finish the commercial...anybody have even a clue of what kind of commercial this is?

Our bets were Dairy, car, and I dont have a clue...HelP!