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I've seen this new commercial a few times. Just recently before the Collateral Movie. It's called "What If" I think. I'm trying to find this song. I've looked and so far no go. I've e-mailed minute maid but no responce yet.

Thanks in Advance
Link to commercial? I've not been able to find anything about this commercial. I'm hoping someone out there knows it.
I think I saw it on T.V. as well but it's version is shorter. Mostly in the movies is where I've seen it.
Got a reply from Minute Maid and they told me to contact Coca Cola. Well I did that and they replied with little help.

"> Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company. We appreciate
> your interest.
> Some of our ads are created by the local markets and aired
> exclusively in their territories. Unfortunately, our resources
> here at the corporate headquarters are limited in such cases.
> We're not familiar with the ad you described. If you'd like to
> further research this with our regional office, you can do so at
> the following address:
> Coca-Cola Ltd.
> 42 Overlea Blvd
> Suite 100
> Toronto, Ontario
> Canada M4H 1B8
> Tel: 01/416/421-2653
> If you ever have any more comments or questions, please feel free
> to write again. Best wishes!
> Sheila
> Industry and Consumer Affairs
> Coca-Cola North America
> "

I find this such crap. We are not familiar with the ad?? Local Markets? This ad is played all over North America! Don't give me that crap you don't know what it is.
So I replied back with this letter"

"Do you have an e-mail address for them? In this day and age everyone has e-mail. For something as small as this i'm not going to write a letter.

I also find it very weird that you say nobody knows what commercial this is as i've found forums and websites asking for this commercial and that it's shown in the United States and Canada all in Movie Theaters. I would think that would narrow it down. I've also given you the title of the commercial and yet you still cannot provide me information regarding this.

I've e-mailed lots of companies such as Gap and Jetta through web forms such as yours and recieved a welcome responce to my inquiries. Why is it so difficult for you to maybe pass this information onto someone who would know?

Thank you"

I think someone doesn't want to release this information.
:ph34r: You make it sound like there's a big conspiracy to keep the commercial a secret. :ph34r:
Don't shoot the messenger, at least they replied back -- even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear.

Are you 100% certain it was Fruitopia? Maybe the ad was distributed by the movie theatre company -- like Lowe's or Regal? I don't know... I haven't seen the ad, so I'm just guessing. :unsure:

What other Forums/sites have you seen asking about it? Because I haven't seen anyone besides this thread discussing it... just curious.

Maybe someone on here would recognize the song if you described it: genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...
The Commercial is played before movies. The recent one would have been Collateral. I've seen it before other commercials. I am 100% it's fruitopia.
It's kinda techno the song. Pretty the commercial is different kinds of fuit dancing around the screen with small statements that are in the center of the screen. Each statement builds on the last statement to come up with a new statement.
At the end it shows the Fruitopia bottles. It's been out for at least a month now.

I don't think it's a consipracy but I do hate getting the run around. They could have easily passed my e-mail onto someone who did know. Or provided me with an e-mail address instead of a snail mail address.

I've only found one other site that said something that Coke would not give up the name of the song or something like that. In any matter like I said back to coke i've never had a problem e-mailing a company to find out a tune and they always tell me.
Not sure if this is correct, since I haven't seen the recent commercial, but singer Kate Bush did all of the music for the Fruitopia commercials that aired regularly back in the 90's. I know one of the tunes was called "What If." She did 12 of them. You can check them out here:

Hope this is what you're looking for!

Thanks for that but those are not the ones. I may have the name of the commercial wrong, but i've seen posts saying those are not the new ones.
Thanks though!
We regret your disappointment in our response. Fruitopia is no longer produced by our offices here in the U.S. Consequently, there is no longer any advertising for the brand produced by U.S. which is why we aren't familiar with the ad. Our U.S. theatre ads are currently "Freedom" and "Pete". We suspect the ad you have seen is Canadian because they are still producing Fruitopia, which is why we referred you to our offices in Canada. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola Ltd. does not have a website to support their offices, and therefore they do not have a general mailbox for incoming messages.

That is what I got back from my reply. Oh well I guess that's over with.
Umm no. But I don't appriciate it when people blow smoke up my ass. Did you not see the more information she gave in her second e-mail? Why couldn't they have done that before.
"I shot the Deputy, but I didn't shoot the Sheriff"

What a crappy attitude you have. You don't deserve to find the tune and I can tell you that I won't be helping you.

Do you know how many employees a firm like Coca-Cola employs? What are the odds that the people who are paid little enough to deal with rude people like you either know the information or even who the people are that have the information.

Go to bed grumpy!

Stop with the off-topic comments. We don't need to make rude comments back and forth. End of discussion. Only on-topic replies are needed.

Thanks for understanding.