French's Greenbean Casserole



Just saw a commercial during ONE LIFE TO LIVE (approx 2:30Pm EST) for French's Greenbean Casserole and I am looking for the name of the music used. There are no lyrics. Kind of an upbeat tune with what sounds like a strumming guitar.

This commercial tends to run around the holidays. I contacted French's and they responded but were unable to help.

It is also the same music used in Toyota Sienna/Universal Studios commercial last fall that I was looking for. Thanks!
It sounds to me as if it is also the same as the music used in this commercial for the Toyota Sienna.

If so, it was composed by ELIAS ARTS and ASCHE AND SPENCER.
Thanks Sophist, sadly that isn't the music. The commercial featured both Toyota and the Univerval Theme Park. The music I am looking for has been used as backround music in other commericials and movies, just can't place it.