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hi, i'm trying to find the french music on the lavalife commercial with the woman that has a remote, and keeps clicking it, changing guys, untill she gets one that says "i think... you look beautiful". there is some light french music in the background. thanks
I haven't seen the ad, or heard of Lavalife before -- are you outside of the United States, by any chance?
no... i'm in the usa. the ad is for, a dating service. the ad aired last year i think, which is maybe why you haven't seen it. if anyone knows of this music though, please let me know
hello i'm french maybe i can help you, is there any place where i can see this commercial ? :)
i don't think i've ever seen the ad, at least i don't remember it... have you tried contacting Lavalife and asking for their Marketing/PR department?
Hey Holo, I too love the french song on the ad so I wrote the company. The response I got back was that it was writen for the ad by a Canadian song writer. So as far as I can tell - we can not get it.
Awe man! that's to bad! do you know who the canadian artist that did it was?
it has been about a year ago since I wrote them - I believe it is an non published musician - too bad to I really liked the song
finally found the video. here's the link: Lavalife Add.

If someone who speaks fluent french could post the lyrics (in french) so i could do a search on them, that would be great.

Or, if you can tell what this song is by listening to it, let me know :D


That's going to be a tough one. You can hardly make out the music with all the talking on top of it. Maybe someone will be able to understand what's said at the end for you...
I hope so ;)

I think for a french person, it should be easy, just like if you hear low english music, you can usually make it out.
We're mostly US readers... So I doubt many are fluent in French.

Anyway, I just re-read this thread and someone already mentioned it was made just for the ad, and they got that info from the company... If you want more info, like an artist name (which I'm not even sure they could release), have you tried writing the company and asking them? That'd probably be your best shot. :unsure:
The address for the media company no longer works. As for the song, it sounds to me like it doesn't start at the beginning of the ad, so i'm still hoping. There was a reader on this fourm that said they spoke french, so i'm hoping they check back in.