Fox Saturday Baseball commerical song


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The topic describes it, but does anyone know the song or where to download the Fox Saturday Baseball song.

It's very catchy.

I'm looking for this too. They show it on nearly every FOX commercial break. It's a brassy instrumental. Kinda has a Perez Prado sound to it...??

It's not the commercial with Smashing Pumpkin's "Cherub Rock."
Doing some research on this. It appears that the person who wrote the tune is Scott from This site

Check it out. Not sure if the music is on there, going through several pieces right now, but it is a rockin site with lots of various music!

A good find even if it does not give us the results. Also, I emailed them asking if they have any info on the MLB song. *Crosses fingers*
does any one know the name of the song and who it is by that is used in the Fox Saturday Baseball commercial the song has no lyrics and it has a trumpet in it it is adverstising only on FOX and it adverstises for the Yankees game and 3 other games!
I was going to ask about this again too. There's some information here, but it's not much to go on...
i also saw a commercial for some sport team. can't remember which sport but it had a trumpet music in it. the ad i saw had the same trumpet music as the one played several times in "so you think you can dance" (06/07/06)
the only lyrics i remember were..."my, my, my booty shoes..."
i think???? :unsure:
hee, hee... found it
was actually "my, my, my, my, my BOOGIE shoes"
anyway... it's called, what else
"boogie shoes" - kc and the sunshine band
the power of google... ; )
hope this was what u were looking 4 as wel
That link oughta help :) I got nuthin' on that particular recording... but aren't those horns playing a bit from an old cartoon?... Rocky & Bullwinkle maybe? :huh: ..uhh Hoppity Hooper? ...gawd it was sooo long ago...