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There is a song for the Ford Freestyle SUV, they show the inside of the back of the car and they show it driving in a forest or whatever, and it some rock song playing. If I could get a little help with it that would be great.
I just heard a Ford Freestyle commercial, not sure if it's the same one though. It had a rock guitar riff, sounded like monster's footsteps... no lyrics. The reason I said monster's footsteps is because I think that's Alice Cooper's "Feed my Frankenstein" but it's been awhile since I've heard that song.

Sorry i don't have details of the commercial... I wasn't watching the TV at the time. I'll add those details here if I see it again.

Anyone else see this ad and know for sure what the song is?
anyone have some info on this one? it plays in my head for hours. lol
I also need a verification of the new Ford Freestyle ad song (artist and song name if possible). Thanks! The IGB (
The new ford freestyle commercial song is so catchy I clap along with it. Does anyone know if that is an actual song or just something ford put together for the commercial? :unsure:
I was watching the the New York Jets game today and the ford freestyle commercial aired during the game. There was an awesome guitar riff or song in the background. Its sounded like something by Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin. Its the ad where the car is in the hinterland and the camera captures the vehicle from a variety of angles. If anybody has any info regarding the song, please reply.


P.S. I searched its not "Feed Me Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper at least it doesnt sound like it.
also, to clarify a little (i think), there are 2 different freestyle ads out right now. one has music with "clapping" and one with a guitar riff (with disco ball). very similar though.
I'm thinking this sounds like David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust phase....early 70's. The commercial I heard this evening was the "Disco Ball" version. I'm fairly familiar with early Bowie and don't recognize this at all. It really does sounds like a Bowie vocal/guitar though. How about a T-Rex song? It sounds early 70's and glam.
there are two ads and i would love to know the songs used in both of them!!!!
just heard it again. i wish they'd put it up at their website.
Of the two songs in these two commercials, to me, the one that doesn't have the handclapping sounds like it could be the white stripes. I'm dying to know which song/band this is. Maybe this guess will generate some more interest.

this doesn't help much, but here is info from the ford website:

"Two 30-second television commercials, titled "Holds Everything" and "Goes Anywhere," establish Freestyle as a new vehicle that’s as multi-dimensional and vibrant as its thirty-something owners – people you’d never catch in a minivan. These ads, and the broader marketing campaign, were developed in conjunction with J. Walter Thompson USA.

Set to the beat of edgy, modern music, the ads show Freestyle flash through a multitude of scenarios: on the town and in the country, in all kinds of weather, with one or many passengers and all of their gear – everything from ski equipment, to furniture to a ladder. Viewers even catch a glimpse of a mirrored disco ball dangling from the headliner. The voiceover tells viewers, "Combining the things you love about a car with the stuff you need from an SUV. The totally new Ford Freestyle: One vehicle. Endless possibilities." Both spots end with Ford Division’s new theme line, "Built for the Road Ahead."

Set to the beat of edgy, modern music, ....hmmmm <_<
I am also looking for the music to the ford freestyle commercial featuring the disco ball... damn these admen who use music we cant buy!... just like the target commercial for virgin music with the dancing british guards... damn them. :(
The more I hear that ad...... the more I think it is white stripes or someone doing a very good imitation of their style. The Alice Cooper/David Bowie glam rock is certainly an influence.

I know these commercials are meant to sell other products, like cars..... but someone with $$ signs in their eyes in the ad world, better figure out that money can be made from the music they find and buy for using in the ad.

The demand for this song certainly is high. I'd buy it if I knew what it was called and what group did it.
So, I've read the other forums posted about this new commercial but, still no one has offered a solution. I was reading in some other forums that someone wrote directly to the company and asked them what music was used. So if anyone has written to a company before on this type of subject and know who to write it to, it would be appreciated if they could do it now or offer some advice.

Just for reference, it's the commercial with clapping in the background and it almost has a techno beat. It's uptempo and just a great tune.

Any and all information would be helpful