First Daughter

I can't find a sample to be certain but could it be "Jewelthief" by Badly Drawn Boy?
Can't find a song by Badly Drawn Boy called "Jewel Thief". Is that the right band?
I don't know which is right. "Jewelthief" or "Jewel Thief." The first one is the way it came up on a lyrics search when I ran the sequence of Bah Dahs that I heard in the trailer.
It comes up both ways if you run a search with the band name and title together.
Can't find a sample anywhere though so I'm not even sure it's the right song. :unsure:
I found "Jewel Thief" and that's not the song in the trailer. Any other ideas?
I too am looking for that song at the beginning. It's definitely not Jewel Thief though. I did find the song at the end: "In this life" by Chantal Kreviazuk if anyone is interested. Hopefully someone will recognize that first song soon :)
hi im new to the webite but im also trying to find the song from first daughter it comes out on september 24 but hopefully by then a soundtrack has come out if any update please email me thanks tatis
The song on the "First Daughter" trailer is by Chantel Kreviazuk and it is call "In this Life". Hope this helps.
Ummm they're looking for the first song on the trailer.
Still think it might be Track 3 but I don't know about the remix thing. Since no one has ever been able to find a sample it's hard to say.
I still can't figure out what the song is, but I am relatively certain that it is not "Jewel Theif" unless this is some totally different version than the "Jewel Thief" from their Album.
If you go to the website for the movie now, First Daughter Movie .com at the bottom it lets you choose which song to play (1, 2, 3) or to turn the sound off. Song 1 is the one we are looking for, but of course it says nothing on the website as to what it is or who sings it. :(
Seeking song from First Daughter commercial...

Female singer, voice kinda sounds like Chantal Kreviazuk, but have listened to and read through the lyrics of "In This Life" and that is not the song I'm looking for.

I can only make out two fragments of the lyrics: there's a tiny bit that sounds like "out the door" and then in the scene where Katie Holmes and everyone else in the frame simultaneously throw a fist in the air it sounds like a line beginning, "I used to be," and then I can't make out the rest.

It's simply not enough for Google to be helpful, and oddly enough none of the online CD/music stores acknowledge that a soundtrack CD even exists-- Amazon doesn't even have a page for the CD, and they always have something up a week or two in advance, with a note that 'this item will be released on [date]'.

Anyway, if anybody knows the song title and/or who sings it please post. Thanks!
Does anybody know what the song at the end of the trailer is? It sounds like Sarah McLachlan.
As mentioned already in this very thread, the song at the END of the trailer is "In This Life" by Chantal Kreviazuk. It is NOT the song at the beginning, which we still haven't identified. But, it is the Sarah McLachlan-like song at the END. Read the whole posting :p