Final Destination 2



There's apparently no official soundtrack for this movie but there are 2 songs in it that I really want info about. The first is played just at the beginning as the 2 girls A.J. Cook (Kimberly Corman in the movie) and here friend are pulling away from the house in here SUV. The second song comes also towards the beginning, as they are driving down the freeway. She turns on the radio to hear something about a memorial for the people who died when flight 180 exploded. Next is Highway to Hell.. the song that plays next is the one I want. If anyone can help me out with either (or both :) ) of these I would love you forever. :) Thanx.

BTW: I only rented this movie.. I don't own it, that's why I can't just pop it in and view the credits to find out.. figured I would tell you before you asked. heh has a soundtrack listing for Final Destination 2. They're usually in order of appearance, which might help give you the answer. (I don't know if that is a complete or partial soundtrack listing.)
ah thanx.. I never even thought to check IMDb.. I didn't know they had soundtracks listed. :)
Just checked it out.. found both of the sounds. Thanx much. :)