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FIFA Soccer World Cup

Does anyone know that music they play in the commercial for the FIFA World Cup tournament coming this summer. They show people in different lands playing soccer and that this game brings the world together and that the tournament will be shown on espn and ABC.
If it's the spot I'm thinking of then the song is "City OF Blinding Lights" by U2, and it is also Bono who does the voiceover in the ad.
it's a simple thing.

just a ball and a goal.

but once every four years, that simple thing drastically changes the world.

closes the schools.

closes the shops.

closest the city.

stops a war.

a simple ball fuels the passion and the pride of nations.

gives people everywhere something to hope for.

gives countries respect, where respect is in short supply.

and achieves more than the politicians ever could.

once every four years, a ball does the impossible.

and if history means anything, the world as we know it is about to change.

the Fifa world cup on ESPN and ABC

i love that commercial...

The song is U2's 'Where The Streets Have No Name' - let's hope I get this one right. <_<
Hey does anybody know the FIFA World Cup 2006 Commercial song thats being held June9-July9? Its like an instrumental beat i think.
they play this instrumental song every time during a world cup game this WC of 06, well they play the song every time their showing the games sponsors when the game is about to come back from commercial, for ex. it says- this game is brought to you by AIG, AND ADIDAS +10, BUDWEISER- there is a song in the background, it sounds like a a trumpet noise for 4 seconds then the instrumental song starts to play in the background, please help me, thanks so much
anyone have a clue what song is playing in the background of ESPN's advertising for upcoming world cup games? the part you can hear is mostly music with the singer singing "oooh" repetitively.
what was that song in the back of all the fifa "one game changes everything" it was a piano instamental
I was wondering if anyone recognizes from the SPANISH coverage of the world cup.

1) McDonald's commercial where all the people are lining up in the city and doing some pledge that ends with something like "la pasión del campeón "

2) AllState with some guy named Paco(anyone know who he is?) , the songs i dont quite know the word sbut the tune sounds cool.

Both songs are latin and in spanish. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I dont know the song, but i was wondering the same thing. But anywayz, he is Fransico "paco" palencia. He plays for Chivas USA i think.

new here, do any of you know the song on the fifa commercial where they have a bunch of pro soccer athletes from different countries, and theyre all playing with some kids on a dirt field, it airs on ESPN, I dont really like soccer, i like the song and it always seems to be on during baseball tonight, but i can't figure out the name TIA
2010 FIFA

Does anybody know what the song is that is playing in the background of the 2010 Fifa Commercial on CBC? :unsure: