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Hi there,

In the new Fido cell phone commercial many people are simply hugging and a lovely song is playing in the background. I've heard it many times; it's an oldey but goodey and I'm sure almost everyone who hears it will know it but I don't know what it's called or who sings it. It was also played in the movie "The Net" with Sandra Bullock. The only line I can remember is something like "Turn the wild..." during the chorus. Any help with this would be appreciated.
Do you mean Procol Harem "Whiter Shade Of Pale"? Actually Annie Lennox did a rendition of it too.. if I remember correctly that was the one from The Net.
The words are actually "Her face at first just ghostly turned a whiter shade of pale".. I think that's the one you mean.
Bless you! Thank you so much!

I actually e-mailed Fido themself, and the lady gave me the wrong song. I knew it was wrong the minute she said the title was French. Thank you!