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Fastlane has been my latest craze and I was just wondering if ne1 was interested in this miami vice, music video type, flash-bang cop show 2. Reply soon.
And I hear they have a DVD and possibly a CD coming out 2, those r sure to spark a few convos.
i wanted to know if the rumors i heard were true, is there going to be a soundtrack for this (my favorite) show? i cant find info, the person who shared this info saw it in the billboard magazine.
is it true that a fastlane cd is coming out, and what about blink 182? i thought their cd would be here in summer.
I doubt there will be any Fastlane CD Soundtrack coming out because FOX canceled the show. Sorry :(
What do you expect? It's FOX......Remember back in the day Pauly Shore had a show on there? No? Well nobody else does either because it was gone in a month. haha just like his career. I heard FOX also cancelled SKIN.
As well as Keen Eddy, Undeclared, and about a hundred other shows that had great potential. I need to become a Nielsen family. :angry:
That's how the television networks know who's watching what on TV. You've heard of ratings, right? A show is cancelled because of poor ratings? These ratings that they're talking about come from a small group of people they call Nielsen families. These are households chosen at random to have a lil box doohicky hooked up to their TV that moniters what they watch, when they watch it. I think they use a box.. either way, what they watch every night is recorded and the results are used to determine the ratings. The theory is that this will provide insight on what the average American watches but theory doesn't show that Fastlane is huge with the teen males and Keen Eddie is big with the 20-something females - or whatever - and so our favorite shows get cancelled and crap like The Mullets hits the airwaves in their place.
Does anyone remember the song that is playing during when Deacon and Van find out the bad guy is actually DEA and they are driving? I will listen again for words but it was reminded me of prodigy or pod something along those lines...? I know it is really old, but thanks!
Theres this song that was playing at the end of the show and the only lyrics that i can remember just say California several times im pretty sure that was the chorus and as the guy keeps saying California his voice keeps getting alittle bit higher.
If u know what this song is called please let me know
Gonna take a guess here ...

Phantom Planet - "California"

Hope it's the one, if not, good luck finding your song!


There you go.
I always liked the music from Fastlane and kept a list of the songs. There doesn't seem to be anything here that matches your lyrics though, so California from Phantom Planet may be what you are looking for.

Songs from Fastlane "The Pilot:"

GET FREE - The Vines (The racetrack)

UZI PINKY RING - Wu-Tang Clan (Deaq on the basketball court)

ROLLIN' - Limp Bizkit (Van sets himself up in his new undercover digs)

LAPDANCE - N.E.R.D. (Van meets Cassidy in nightclub)

CAT SCRATCH FEVER - Ted Nugent (Deaq line dances)

DREAM ON - Depeche Mode (Van and Cassidy love scene)

NATURAL ONE - Folk Implosion (Deaq and Van follow Kane)

IN THE AIR TONIGHT - Phil Collins (Final arrangements for set-up)

ME SO HORNY - 2 Live Crew (Party scene)
hey all i was watching G4 the other day and fastlane was on, im not sure what episode but it had this really cool song playing while two guys were racing on these skateboard things i have no idea what they are called. but yeah i have heard the song before there wasnt any words only music but i would really like to know the name of the song! if anyone could help that would be awesome! thanks!!!
I got a lot of the episodes on vhs so maybe if you could explain a little more of what happened in the episode I could probally find out at least the episode title for you.
i didnt see much of it i only heard the song.... all i saw is these two guys were racing downhill on skateboards they had helmets on so i dont know who they were and there was a girl holding flags....and one guy crashed into a hill thats all that i saw i dont know what was happening...i dont think thats much help tho!
The song is "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold.

And by the way, they're luging, not skateboarding :)
does anyone know the song from the episode "defend" from fastlane. when van went against the 350z with his bmw it went sort of like "time and time again...". thanks :p