Fahrenheit 9/11

Can you describe the music? Genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals?
I really cant. Someone who has seen the movie would probably know. Of course I don’t so maybe not.

Man, you guys are fast at replying!
the scene where the two Marines are walking in the Shopping Mall parking lot. They are lookin for people to recruit for the army.

The music had a very "funk-ish" tune to it...almost like the beat in Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust".

i haven't seen the movie yet, but i know the baseline for "good times" by chic has a very similar baseline to "another one bites the dust"...the track was also sampled for "rappers delight" by sugar hill gang, if you want to check it out.
Can anyone help me out with an artist/title on this one? It's the acoustic guitar song for the opening credits and used in some spots (most notably the clip of the film they show on Ebert and Roeper)

This is not the song from the trailer, which is called "I'd Love To Save The World." So please don't confuse my meaning. I'm looking for the solo, acoustic guitar melody. (If I recall correctly, it's the music they play while they show Bush & Co getting ready to go on TV) Anyone?
Nope, that's the song they play over the end credits. I know that one.

This song, near as I can tell, is an instrumental. Unaccompanied guitar. Very sedate and slow. It's driving me nuts.
In the movie I have been looking for this one song that goes " Come on party people.. through you hands in the air" it plays it when it shows the iraq people marching downt he street.
Anybody know the song that plays somewhere in the beginning-middle part of the movie. I think the selected clip might have the word "perfect" or "party" and the vocals (male) and musical style vaguely remind me of the group Cake. Anybody know?
Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 a few weeks ago and I cannot find this song. The song im looking for is the song used in the opening credits of the film.It is also used when moore tries to recruit politicians sons for the millitaryt. Its like a slow guitar strum and there are no lyrics. I assume its by the composer jeff gibbs but maybe its not. If anyone knows it please tell me
its a short orchestra piece, and i cant figure out which song it is........does anyone know???