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Help me please! There is this song in the movie exit to eden I can only tell you the scene it's in. It is in the background of the scene with Hector Elizondo and Dana Delany and he is teaching her. It's a sexy song, it sounds like there is a choir, but I'M NOT SURE! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA!!!

thanks :unsure:
The song that plays during that part is called "Sadeness" by Enigma. I'm not at home to check my DVD, but I'm almost positive that's the song. It has a woman singing in French, and a Gregorian monk choir in the background.
Help! Does anyone know where I can find a song from the movie "Exit to Eden?" I think it's called "Please Me." It's from the bedroom scene with Lisa and Elliott.

It's not on the soundtrack, and I'm wondering if I can get it somewhere else.

Music style? Slow/fast? Male/female vocals?

"Please Me Like You Want To" by Ben Harper

So won't you,
Please, please me like you want to.
Not like, like you have to.
Or won't you just go on and leave me.
You know, leaving me is the least that you could do.

"Please Me" by Grand Funk Railroad

Too many times, I've seen them abuse her,
Just like the times I've been deceived.
The touch of her starlight makes me happy,
I can see her shinin' through in my dreams

Please me...
Please me, baby...

Is any of that helpful? :unsure:
I haven't seen it, anywhere. You could go to James Patrick Dunne's official site--he wrote the song--and ask him if it's available or if he'll put the mp3 on there for everyone. He has the lyrics on his site but not any audio. :(
Ummm.....the vocalist was female I think and the tune was slow. I saw the website and even e-mailed but never received a response. I might try again, but I was hoping maybe someone here knew where I could get my hands on the song.

Thanks though!
Exit to Eden-want to know song

Does anyone know the song that plays when Lisa spanks Elliott with the hairbrush? It sounds similar to the Sadeness song, but that is NOT the song. If anyone can help thank you so much, this has been driving me crazy lol.