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Hi Everyone,

In the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Ray's mom re-teaches him how to play the piano. At the end of the show, Ray plays a song on the piano which I beleive was shown earilier in the episode called Theme Song From Love Story. Does anyone know the real name of that song? (piano) :rolleyes:
It's funny you mention that episode because it was just on a little over an hour ago where I live. Anyway, the song is simply called "Theme From Love Story" and it's by Francis Lai. You can find it on the Love Story soundtrack at Barnes and Noble.
Hey anyone know the song being played when Ray was taking crazy pictures of robert in the basement on todays episode? (MAY 10)

Thanks :D
Trying to find out the name of the song that Robert and Amy requested for their first dance at their wedding. We think it was also in the movie Bruce Allmighty.
HI the song's called A Little Less Conversation by Elvis vs. JXL.

Hope this helps.
does anybody know which song it is that, for their Ray and Debra's first wedding what song they played throughout the episode, including the wedding procession. They just replayed the episode on 7/8/04 Thanks if you know!
do you know if it's a traditional wedding song (classical) or was it something different?
its was classical...i think it was a string or classical...i need to know it for a wedding...thanks!
You could check some of the songs listed here. I think brides use "Canon in D" a lot to walk down the aisle and I think "Trumpet Voluntary" is used after the couple is presented as a husband and wife and walk out of the chapel/etc.
I'm looking for the song used in the beggining credits for a couple of the shows. It goes something like "turn around, you're making me mad, you're driving me crazy". :)
I don't recall hearing this song on Everybody Loves Raymond, but the lyrics you've listed sound like Jungle Love by the Steve Miller Band.
"turn around, you're making me mad, you're driving me crazy".

"Jungle Love, it's driving me mad, it's making me crazy"

We might have a match here...
Does anyone know what this is? It was a folky/emo type song, male vocals. The only lyrics I caught were "Go knock yourself out"...that may be the chorus. If anybody recorded it and could post a sample, or if anybody heard it and could post more lyrics, I'd be greatful! Thanks
Does anyone know of an artist or compilation that has simple jazz piano tunes like the Everybody Loves Raymond theme?

Thanks in advance :p