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Anyone happen to know offhand if the theme music to Everwood is an OC or if it's a real song?
Well, finally found my answer.

According to everwoodmusic.com, the score is an original composition for the show by Blake Neely, and is not commercially available.

i watch everwood on the WB regularly and love the mucic they us for their "dawson's creek"-esk scenes where the dad has his heart to heart talks with his son...well i very much groove on the music they play but the rarely tell you who's music they used! season 1 they actually told you, i know they used howie day a few time, if you know any of the other bands they used, let me know...
Does anyone know the song that was used in monday night's episode of Everwood when they're all sledding? It's by someone who sounds similar to Natalie Merchant and Sarah McLachlan. Thanks a bunch.
You know...listening to it, I am pretty sure that it's Sinead O'Connor, but as to what song it is, I will have to do further research.
It goes something like, " What has come of me while I have watched the universe...(then some unknown lyrics and...) so strange."
It could also be by Innocence Mission. Just a thought to bring it back to the top of the list.
K, I think the song is "Across the Universe" by Fiona Apple. From the lyrics you gave, I am pretty sure that's it.
Uhm, thanks for trying, but I know that song well and sadly, it's not it. This songreally doesn't have such a strong beat as Across the universe; a tad more acoustic?
What was the opening song on Everwood tonight....when Rose was in surgery and Dr. Abbot was in the john praying. Sounded very familiar and kept repeating the words "my beloved wife". Female singing and it was kinda bluesy sounding and sad.
OK! I know it has been a really long time since this topic was started, but I finally found the song. Luckily, everwoodmusic.com updated their music list and it was there! If anyone is still interested the song is "A Day" by Inara George. Who's ready for Everwood Season 4!?
Does anybody know the name of the song that played in last week's season premiere of Everwood when Ephram showed up at the wedding at the very end? It sounded like a woman's voice (sort of like Nena who sang "99 Red Balloons"). Any help would be great. Thanks.

Does anyone know what the song is called that was played at the end of episode 2?
The song plays while Empram is looking at Amy through the window while he's sitting in his car and his dad finds the cheque he writes to Empram in the fridge.
Does anyone know the song that played tonight when Bright came home from camping and went to Hannahs house to break up with her?

And the song they played for next weeks episode?
The song was "Wandering" by Ben Folds. It is on his "Speed Graphic" EP.

Hope this helps
Does anyone have the playlist for this episode. Especially the first song played when hannah and amy are talking about the kiss. Thanks