Eurotrip song


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the song in the club in bratislava when they are dancing in a line after drinking the absinthe. it's like... come on, com, com, come on's been a while since i've seen it but it might be

Apollo 440 - Make My Dreams Come True


It's on the soundtrack, and I can't think of another time in the movie they would have used it...
come come come come on is Get Loose - The Salads

but i need Scotty doesnt know (not original version) (i need another version) i was in bratislava...
you could always use irc to download whole albulms, thats what i did. And i would guess that the song in the club would be the remix of scotty doesn't know cause that was on the soundtrack...go to amazon and type in eurotipr and look at the track listing, they have previews also
The "Scotty Doesn't Know" remix is

MC Jeffsky feat. Igor - Scotty Doesn't Know (Euro Mix)

but that's when they first come into the bar.

and i thought "Get Loose" was the closing credits song...
oh well, i'm probably horribly wrong. it's been a while since i've seen it.