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This is the dark soviet sounding music that plays for a few seconds when they first realize that they are in Bratislava. it's not on the soundtrack. Just wondering if anyone knows what it is? Thx :)
There isn't a soundtrack listing at Don't think there was one at the movie's Official Site either...
I actually submitted the soundtrack listing to imdb a few days ago.. should be up any time now. This song isn't on it though.. and I want it :)
I went and saw this again last night and I sat all the way through the credits, only to find that I couldn't figure out which song it might be. There are more songs listed in the credits than are on the actual soundtrack, but I still couldn't figure it out. <_<
I wonder if you could find someone to contact that would/could provide a full credit listing from the movie?
I sent an email to to DreamWorks.. but I don't know how well that will pan out. It's strange how there's so little information on this movie.. hopefully since it doesn't seem to be doing too well at the box office it will hit DVD soon and that will give me some answers if nothing else.
I haven't seen the movie, but based on your description I would try "Song of the Volga Boatmen" (traditional/classical, many versions) or Chopin's "Funeral March"
I haven't seen it either but quite often in comedic films I've heard Tchaikovsky-Opus 67 from Peter and The Wolf in such situations. It would be the movement used to represent the wolf. Wish I could find a sample.
Wasn't any of those although all those are all good. Always a good change of pace from the crap out there nowadays. I can't say whether or not I had ever heard the music before watching the movie, but it doesn't sound like something they made specifically for the film.. it definitely has the feel of an entire song that was just cropped down to fit the 30-45 seconds that it played for. I wish I understood whatever language the vocals were in. At least then I would have better luck. I still haven't gotten a reply from Dreamworks.. <_<
Movie is out on dvd June 1st according to amazon. You wouldn't by chance happen to know the name of the song they played as they were entering france would you? They also played the sone in National Lampoon's European Vacation and it has the exact same beat as Jet Boy, Jet Girl by The Damned.
I know it's seriously effing sad that after all this time I'm replying to this topic again but since I just got my internet back last week and just picked this movie up on DvD a few days ago I figured I would finally answer this question for anyone else who may have been wondering wtf I was talking about. The song I was looking for is called "The Sacred War" by Red Army Choir. There, finally. It's done.