Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise


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Does anyone know who did the music to that new Este Lauder commercial with the girl dancing around and all the faeries floating in the air like a cyclone of leaves and then they dissolve into a bottle of rainbow colored perfume? They say the words "Beyond Paradise". It's really pretty and it sounds like a pop song or something.
Any help would be appreciated.
The commercial is an Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Macy's commercial. I saw the commerical air yesterday, 12/2. I remember one line in the music.. "You make me feel"

In the music there is a female doing the song. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
The song in the commercial is Love Profusion by Madonna. It's on her American Life CD.
Hi! Does anybody know the tune for a tv commercial in which a woman is walking down a white path with flowers and rainbows growing superfast all around her. I think it is a Revlon commercial (definitely a cosmetic product commerical), but I can't remember for sure. The tune is fairly fast tempo. I am tempted to say that some keywords related to the commercial is "infusion" or "rainbow" or something like that.
new EL commercial, with girl dancing on flowers. Anyone know the tune (female vocalist)

Thanks to both of you. Have not seen the commercial recently, but I guess that you are correct.

Also, now I am a member I found that the search function works much better - I found the original postings about this commercial.

Thanks again
Can anyone tell me who the woman singer is on the Estee Lauder Beyond Beautiful Perfume commercial? I recognize the voice but I can't put a name on it! :unsure:
Thanks, but the Beyond Paradise ad I saw last night (10/17/04) on TV was absolutely NOT Madonna singing, I have ALL her CD's and would recognize her voice anywhere. Anyone else see it?
I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song in the commercial for este lauder's "beyond paradise" perfume. It's kind of an upbeat tune and it has the lyrics "you make me feel, you make me shine." Thanks. ^_^
The song on the commercial for Estee Lauder's perfume Beyond Paradise is "Love Profusion" by Madonna. Thought I would post it just in case anyone was looking for it.