ESPN "Without Sports"


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anyone seen the "Without sports, this would be disgusting" commercial on ESPN? it has a guy in a Ohio State sweater sitting on a couch making out with a girl in a Michigan sweater. they kiss and make out for a while, then the tagline "Without sports, this would be disgusting" shows up. There is a guy singing in the background, sounds like pop rock/punk, something that would be on the radio. anyone have any ideas?
ad shows little kids playing sports in the streets using various 'home made' equipment like a pizza box home plate, shopping cart basketball net, tree field goal, etc.

beats sound like they're made with bottles and cans. makes me think it might be STOMP or something...

ends with "without sports, how would we use all we've got"
that commercial is awesome, sry i cant offer help on the subject except popularity of the question. it's bound to be at some website tho, its only a matter of time
Nope, it's not U2. For the record, it's "Without sports, this wouldn't be disgusting" if that helps you search any better. I've been looking but no results so far..
Found it after looking for the answer here first.

The song is "Almost Perfect" by Goldenboy

It was driving me nuts, too!
I just saw this commercial while watching SportsCenter. it chronicles the life of a boy's St. Louis Cardinals blanket. The music in the background is a nice piano piece. does anyone know what it is?
That is a good song. Its probably made by an ad company though.
does anyone know where I can get a copy of this ad on the internet? I can't seem to find it on ESPN's site.
Does anyone know the name of the song or who sings the song in the ESPN: Without sports...commercial,

where a chinese cab driver drives around in china singing a country song about "houston, one step closer to you" something like that? Please let me know.
Are you sure it is almost perfect by Goldenboy because I can't find anything on it anywhere. Can I buy it somewhere legally? Thank you.