ESPN Commercial Song


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I'm wondering if anyone knows the title to a song that ESPN has used in several commricials. The most recent incarnation has been promoting Golf Tourneys. They used it to in the commercial for the tourney that Michelle Wie was going to play in and they also promoted Tiger Woods. I remember this past summer though, they used it during a College World Series commercial. It almost sounds a little like U2. Can anyone help me out with this song?
Well, if it IS a U2 song, I'll know it.. if you can remember some lyrics for me.
Incidently, I remembered someone using the song "Beautiful Day" by U2 in a commercial recently, and I think it was sports related..
Also, ESPN has been using Traffic's "Mr. Fantasy". Are either of those what you're looking for?
Unfortunately, there were no lyrics in it. I would know if it was Beautiful Day. I'm not exactly sure it was U2, but it just sounded like their type of music. Lately it has been playing in the Golf commercials that ESPN has been playing the last few weeks.
And it isn't Coldplay, is it? They sound *exactly* like U2, right down to lead singer Chris Martin's voice..
Has anybody seen any of the ESPN golf commercials recently or know what I'm talking about? I don't think its Coldplay. There are no words in the clip they play but thats not to say there are no words in the song as the commercial is only about 30 seconds.