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what is your favourite Enya album

  • A Day Without Rain

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  • Paint the Sky With Stars

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  • The Memory of Trees

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  • The Celts

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  • Shepherd Moon

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  • Watermark

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Hello, I am an Enya fan obviouslely and I posted this subject to hear from other peaple who enjoy listening to Enya. If you aren't interested in talking about Enya, get out now.
If you don't listen to Enya, please don't choose one.
Originally posted by ALDR123456789N@Sep 2 2005, 12:25 PM
which would be the one that has the song from the lord of the rings? :ph34r:
The Lord of the Rings soundtrack :p
i like that song by them called Anywhere Is.

they remind of those hairy dudes from the movie Dark Crystal when they moved something with the power of their voices united. anyone remember that?
cos like, enya's voice packs a punch, y'know? it's fukn rad.
Well, Enya is wonderful. And she's done the music for so many great soundtracks. I just don't think people always know it's her work. They think of her as easy-listening. But she's so much more. I loved the music from Lord of the Rings and Braveheart, but I also love most stuff from her own albums. THink my alltime fav of hers would have to be one of these
On Your Shore
Part Of The Council Of Elrond - Anarion Love Theme For Aragorn And Arwen
A Day Without Rain
The Memory of Trees
Cursum Perficio
Have you ever listened to Aine Minogue? She reminds me a bit of Enya. And do you like Clannad too, and Maire and Moya Brennan, all her family? But nobody beats Enya! :lol:
I'm listening to "The Memory of Trees" right now and I love how smothly it moves from one low note to a quick asortment of instrumentals and vocals. This is definitly on my list of favourites.

the memory of trees
the longships
hope has a place
march of the celts
only if

It's so good to hear from Enya fans like you
The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is not on any of these albums.
I like both Shepard Moons and The Celts ,its really a toss ,I like both equally for different reasons.
I hate the fact that she is usually listed as a New Age artist,I dont like the term for music because I feel it gives some kind of weird conotation to it.

I think that newage is a good title, but only for a select few songs. I read somewhere that Enya has her own genre "Enya"
I think if I had to choose, it would be paint the sky with stars because it has bits of all the other albums in it.
Hey everybody
I just found this Enya review written by some nut job who hates newage music. What do you all have to say about this pile of crap.

"Unless you're bound in an herbal body wrap, there's simply no acceptable reason to listen to this New Age nonsense."
Wow, it has been a really long time eh ? I didn't even think I still had this forum up. It would be nice to continue hearing from Enya fans such as yourselves.
I've been trying to do my best to keep this forum alive so please, give me a little feedback.
I voted for Watermark. It was my first Enya and I love love love 'River' & 'Exile' :D
Ok, I have a couple of her cd's. I voted for Watermark. I play the piano and it's my favorite because it's fairly simple and short and beautiful.
memory of the trees has to be the best album she has. but my favorite song is "may it be" from LOTR. :eek:k: