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This may not be the best place for this, and I am not sure if anybody else here has seen this but its a preview for what Encore has to offer this month and its a alternative rock song With "Brand New day" and "In the Sun" searched them but havent found anything but Sting <_< Any ideas?
Encore movie channel

Hey i don't know if this one is in the archives but the latest encore commercial has a catchy tune to it, sounds a bit like the Cure, the add has alot of its up comming movies, and movies its shown, some are : XXX, Goldmember, Gangs of New York, Uhh i Think Chicago and some others, anyway the song sounds alot like the cure so any help would be hot, thanks
Wow kinda sad when i have to answer my own post. But it was by the cure like i thought. I listened to the ad over again and found the song it is "Why can't I be you?" By the cure. Thanks to all who atleast tryed and didn't post...
so i was watching something on Encore, and in between movies there was a commercial that showed the upcoming movies for the month of october.
the song was kind of rock-rap, and i dont really remember what they said... so sorry its a bit vague!
BUT i do know for sure that it's not the commercial with The Cure.
if you can help, thanks!
I was watching a promo for the movie "Ghosts of Mississippi" on one of the Encore channels. It was a gospel type song and contained the lyrics "follow the light" and "fight the good fight". Any ideas?
Just listened to the song by Triumph on iTunes - that's not it