Enbrel Erik Lindbergh "I Can Be Me"


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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJot-ld6WdY


First time poster here. I'm looking for the title or track of the Eric Lindbergh Enbrel commercial. It's an instrumental that sound very much like a soundtrack excerpt. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

where are you located? i don't think i've ever seen this ad...

can you describe what's going on during the ad? any details...
I was wondering if anyone knew the title of the music that plays during the Enbrel commercial,its a commercial for that arthritis medicine and it has Erik Lindbergh.I found a site with who supposedly made the music but they dont know the name and I tried the site of the people that supposedly made it and there's no info on the site about it.
Hi Michelle,

I'm in the NY metro area. This ad runs fairly regularly. I've noticed it during the 10am NBC airing of Ellen on an almost daily basis. Basically it shows Eric Lindbergh in flight and playing with his daughter as well as numerous exterior shots of his plane. He explains that Enbrel helped him follow in his grandfather's footsteps as he crossed the Atlantic a couple years ago.


Sorry, guy. I've seen this ad like a million times on the History Channel but I have no idea.. sounds like it's commissioned to me but what do I know?
You can always write to the Enbrel people..
I was just wondering if anyone knew the song in the background of the Enbrel Commercial. It's instrumental, like a movie soundtrack, and I know I've heard it before. I just can't figure out where! :) It kind of remeinded me of "A Beautiful Mind" but it's not that. Help!
OMG i think maybe we r thinking of the same thing

yes it does remind me of the a beautiful mind song (James Horner - A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics) but thats definately not it
anyone help!!!
Anybody know anything about the Enbrel commercial music yet??? I NEED to find this! I love it.
I have never seen it. Chances are good if I had, I could identify the song if it was from a soundtrack.

Do you have a copy of the commercial you could share?
If this is the same ad I'm thinking of ...

I recall the really pretty uplifting hopeful peaceful song that was used in the background of the Enbrel ads featuring Erik Lindbergh (great (great ?) grandson of THE Charles Lindbergh - pilot of the Spirit of St. Louis plane) ...

I figured out a way to shoot off an email to the folks at Enbrel ... to ask them about this beautiful piece of music ...

Their reply was that it was a commissioned piece ...
I saved their reply, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find it ... so I can't directly quote from it (for those here who like to see the so-called paper trail) ...

However, I did a little Googling for ya ...
Maybe this will suffice (and at the same time, back up my findings that it was a commissioned piece) ...

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Jim Green wrote

> The music on the Enbrel TV add sounds familiar -- the spot with Lindbergh
> III in his flying machine.
> Can anyone name the music?
> Does anyone have a idea of whom to ask?

Not sure if this is from the current commercial.


John Luker and Walter Werzowa (Musikvergnuegen), ??? (commissioned)

Daphne Drewello
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I hope this helps in getting this question answered and perhaps solved ...

There you go.
Thanks so much for your help. I was afraid that it was a commissioned piece. I just love it. I think if they use it, it should be available. After all, Enbrel is getting a lot of mileage out of it, right?

Thanks again!
*UPDATE* this Enbrel commercial was on CBS tonight at around 8:16 - 8:17 during NUMBERS.

anyone tivo this or anything?
i neeeed to kno what song it is!! :eek:
I researched this about a year ago. I even knew the name of the composers but I'll look at my archives.
Anyone have a clue about the music featured in the Enbrel perscription medication ad? It has quite a few strings instruments playing and almost sounds like it could be from a movie. The commercial has been playing for the past few months. Thanks for the help.
I have no idea...but I remember that someone once said it resembled music from A Beautiful Mind