upon further listening, it is IO (This Time Around) by Helen Stellar on the OST and at IMDB.
Looking for another Elizabethtown song, played near the end when Bloom's character crosses bridge, lyrics are something like "Don't worry up your head, people are sick and mean sometime, they're only words". Google search on the lyrics and bits of lyrics turned up nothing, which is unusual.... Any thoughts?
hey, me again...
im trying to find the song that was in elizabeth town when orlando bloom (drew) is in the car on his way to his dad's hometown...its only two chords on a guitar and id really like it...i cant remember the words..or if there was any...but if someone could help..that would be great
It's the first the track on the soundtrack 60B (etown theme) by Nancy Wilson
thats not it...i have that song already...
this is the scene when Orlando is in the car after just getting out of the airport and he gets lost of the highway...
its jsut two chords repeated over adn over on a guitar
its probably not even a real song but im alwmost sure it had words...ill go see it again jsut to make sure
i actually really liked the movie
you might wanna try the soundtrack CD preview on amazon.com, it has several songs that sound like they fit
Hey I need some help finding the songs that Kristen Dunst's character gave to Orlando Blume. In her "map" she made him CD's and throughout his roadtrip the songs kept chaning, I'm tyring to find out what all those songs were. If you could help me that would be great! thanks-
There is an instrumental song that's playing in the background when Orlando Bloom's character and Kirsten Dunst's character decide to meet each other to watch the sunrise halfway through the movie. They get off the phone after talking all night and it plays while they're driving to meet each other.

It sounds like a instrumental song of U2 or Bruce Springsteen, but I'm not sure.

Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.
Hi, does anyone know the name of the song which plays on orlando blooms cell phone in the movie elizabethtown? The lyrics say something like, i'll turn your grey sky blue..........
i'm looking for a particular song that was used twice in Elizabethtown. All I remember is that its lyrics said something about New Orleans, but that's about it.

if anyone has any idea (i know it's not much info), it would be greatly appreciated!
I need to know two songs used in Elizabethtown...

One --- near the beginning, when the staff of the shoe company is having a xmas party and they are all dancing, etc. It sounds like kind of an oldish song... but I'd REALLY like to know what it is.

Two -- when Drew and his cousin and his kid are walking back home in the dark and talk about the heat and the stars; there's a nice song playing behind that

Anyone with this info, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
And another song from the movie I'd like....

The song playing in the backround while Drew is making up his killing-device --- or knife-bike..... anyone?
It's been a while since I've seen the movie, so I can't remember what songs were playing when. However, this should be a pretty complete listing of every song in the movie. The good thing about IMDB is they try to list even the songs that aren't on the actual soundtrack but were featured in the movie. Here's the actual soundtrack.

Hope that helps!