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Hello everybody. I'm a long-time visitor and have benefited from the dedicated music lovers at this web-site.

Since this movie has not been addressed in any other threads, I open the doors on this movie's soundtrack.

The particular song I am looking for, is a religious song from the middle of the film. I don't actually remember the lyrics, but I'm fairly sure the chorus contained the word God. It was a fairly soft song, possibly acoustic but I'm not really sure.

The song I seek is NOT "God Only Knows" written by the Beach Boys.

The song is also not "I can only imagine", if you are making a wild guess in the chrisitan "rock" genre.

Thanks in advance!

Also, if anyone has a list of songs used in the movie, please post!

btw, the film has not released a soundtrack.
No, its none of those songs.

I really think it was an acoustic song, just vocals and guitar or piano. Also, I don't remember if there was a steady drum beat.
Hi! Does anyone know the name of the song and the artist for the music at the end of the movie when they are all in the hospital together? It is not any of the songs from the soundtrack listing at IMDB.

Can you describe the music? Genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals?
Bri, you are looking for the song Flowers in the Window by Travis. If I were you, I'd buy all of their music. It's wonderful. They did the song Grass is Always Greener and Sing. Peace.

I'm still working on that other song, cksaber. I'm new here, but usually good with finiding songs, so just give me a bit.
I believe the song you're talking about is "In The Sun" by Joseph Arthur. Great song, great artist...

I just LOVE this film, I'm on a mission to find all the songs used in the movie. I'll go see it for a 5th time just to write them down off the credits if I have


Nice job matalasac! That's the song I was lookin' for! "In The Sun", with the chorus being "may God's love be with you"

Many thanks!

btw, I really enjoyed this movie as well...
I've been searching for the song that plays when Jena Malone is returning from the clinic after finding out she's pregnant. It' s playing when she swears at the cross...It's performed by a female...can anyone help me out? Thanks! :)
hey guys!
wow there are a lot of replies in this section so im hoping that someone can help me out! there's this song that Mandy Moore sings in the movie, when they are at the assembly. Its not "God Only Knows", you actually see her singing this song. Im sorry i dont know any lyrics. It must be a christian song, but it's really pretty and i just wondered if anybody knew it.


p.s. its not on the list at!
laadeedaa- you're looking for "In This Life" by Chantal Kreviazuk...good song!
:rolleyes: I am new.....i stumbled upon this while I was looking for songs from Saved! In the Sun, In This Life, and God Only Knows...the one Mandy Moore sings....I can't find where to download them anywhere....i have Limewire.....and it cant find them...any helpful hints????? me!!!!!!!!
You know, I'm not really sure exactly where you could find those other songs...*cough* Kazaa Lite *cough*

But good luck...