Anyone know the name of the song when he's on the flight back home and Kirsten Dunst asks about his dad?
Hmm, I'm only seeing this one right now:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Learning to Fly

~ Mia ~
if your talking about the one on TV its Tom Petty-You Wreck Me.... NOT "learning to fly"
I`m also searching this song....perhapse someone have it?
Would be great!

greetz from Rotterdam,

YEAH!! i found it...

i asked someone from the maker of camaron crowe`s website....

The song is called : passing by - ulrich schnauss

Great song!!!


can someone tell me what is played at the following times in the teaser trailer for elizabethtown please TIA!! please tell me the track title album artist and timeframe it is played at in the song if possible thanks!!

0:50 - 1:29 i think it's music from elizabethtown's score by nancy wilson (

but which tracks and parts of them)