Eight o'clock coffee


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Anyone know what is the name of the classical piece in the 8:00 coffee commercial that features the whistling champ? My 6 month-old loves that song. She stops playing whenever that comes on TV. I'd like to find it to see if she'll listen to the whole thing.
You might need to add more info..... like what TV or radio station in what market, so that those people who live in your area can help you and those of us that don't have a clue about an 8 o'clock coffee commercial can quit scratching our heads. ;)
I assume you have already sent the coffee company a note from their "request info" page. I have too now, so hopefully one of us will hear something. Maybe once enough people ask about the song, they will post the information on the website.

My eyesight isn't the greatest but at the end of the ad there is a title card with all the info of the ad agency that produced the spot. It looks like the title of the ad is "the whistler", you know the product already, the NY ad agency that produced this commercial is Epoxy Finish and their phone # is (212) 752-3348.... I think. That was the part were my eyes got a little blurry. You should copy any other ID #'s that might further specify the ad in question, and call them up. If you haven't already.
I got a quick response from them. It's Hungarian Rhapsody.
It is no. 2? Thanks. I was wondering which it was. I don't listen to classical music, so it's confusing to me.

michelle, glad you liked the story. My wife pointed out that she also stops to listen when they play the other commercial that has Diana Taurasi in it too. I guess she'll be a coffee drinker like her mom. :D