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Ebay has a new ad campaign that focuses on the community aspect of their company called "The Power of All of Us" So far, they have three commercials, Toy Boat, Clocks, and Belief. I really enjoy the commercials, I think their really creative and I love the music too. Does anyone know the music in these commercials?

You can go to www.thepowerofallofus.com to see them, I am particularly interested in the music for Belief and Toy Boat, but they are all awesome.

Please help!!!

What is the song on the ebay commercial where the boy losses the boat and then finds it on ebay? its like... kind of classical.
That commercial is great and the music is what makes the commercial. Where can I see the commercial on-line, and can anyone help me with identifying the music? Thanks :ph34r:
The ad you're referring to is entitled 'Toy Boat' and is one of a series of four TV commercials launched by eBay at the end of October.

They can all be viewed here.

No luck in tracking down the music used, I'm afraid.
I really want to find this music too, so if anyone knows where to start, let us know! :rolleyes:
There is this music in an ebay commercial that is killing me cause I can't find it. It's the one where the little boy loses his toy ship, and then years later he finds it on ebay. The background music is very lullabye-ish. Then at the end a woman says something like "what if nothing was ever lost. What if nothing was ever forgotten." Can some one help me find the name and/or composer??
I'm afraid that the music was composed exclusively for the commercial by ELIAS ARTS.

Also see this thread.
Does anybody know the song in the ebay commercial when the boy loses the toy boat when he is little, then finds it on ebay when he's older? If anyone can find this song, i will be thrilled!
Thanx a lot! :) :rolleyes: :D :D
I understand but you don't need to keep starting new topics for questions that have already been answered. The admin will probably just merge them anyway.
As Sophist mentioned above, the music was composed specifically for use in the ads.

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