Early-Mid 80's Electronic Dance Ride Inside


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OK This is the only song I have not been able to find. It was on a mix tape from around 1985 from the Fiesta Club in Biloxi, MS. I believe the DJ's name was Chico. Anyway, the artist was male and he was more talk/singing than anything else. The lyrics went.... My Corvette is baby blue, a seat for me a seat for you.... then the chorus was.... the ride inside is all you want ,the ride is all you need, the ride is real, the ride is rad the ride inside is hellabad... or something very similar. If anyone can find this I will be very impressed. Thanks.
Nevermind. I finally found it. It's almost impossible to get it though. If anyone wants to know... it was "the ride inside by layizon or lay zon" found it spelled both ways. Yay!! I am so happy now. :D