Drinking and driving commercial


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In the commercial you see a mother, a father, and a little girl enter their house coming home from a trip. They're surprised to find drunk, passed out people all over the house, they go up to their sons bedroom and he has everyones car keys tied to his wrist. The song has alot of brass instruments in it, and sounds a little bluesy. If you know who sings it, or what the songs called id greatly appreciate it.
Is this ad promoting any particular group/website, etc...? They might have the ad online for viewing.
I know its against drunk driving, but ill check that next time i see it. Thanks.
I, too, despartely need to know the artist of this song or the song itself.

The ad is part of an anti drinking and driving campaign run my Much Music itself. Perhaps someone on the Much Music forum will know.

The song is very much in the vein of New Orleans blues or a Dixie Land funeral dirge.

Mood Indigo by The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is very similar but not exactly what I'm looking for.